Noticias 13/12/2013

“Tree of the World" exhibit

From Dec10th to Jan6th at Parque Bicentenario - Vitacura

For the second year in a row. , this exibit gathers 21 tree from 21 differents artistics, where each one collaborate with one embassy to represent the culture of this country.

This exibit is at Bicentenario park in Vitacura.



The idea was that with the wind the tree rotates and the copper generate a poetic travel by the Chilean landscape.

The tree has graven pieces from Pablo Neruda “Cuando de Chile” poem and images as Chile map, Araucarias, Copihues, etc. 

Be the copper the protagonist, in long verticals fringes, like our country and represented one of the most extrem contrast of the geography, orange at the top like our desert and gree at the bottom like the austral forest, all with diferent copper finishing.


Achieving join culture, geography and economy of our country.


Noticias 16/10/2013

“Copper Raw Materia Design” exibit

Visit Cultural Codelco cultural Galery, Huérfanos 1270, Santiago. from Sep1st. to Nov16th. Free entrance 


Lum succes in Saloni Satellite Milan 2013


Cobre bactericida Cu+

El cobre tiene propiedades antimicrobianas, elimina el 99,9% de microorganismos en las dos primeras horas de contacto, por lo que LUM, en cobre natural, nos permite tener un muro libre de virus, hongos y bacterias. Un muro en permanente sanitización.

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